Workshops and holidays

Workshops and holidays

Food preparation workshops and holidays and other forms of culinary travels.

Food preparation workshops – you may choose one or more places where you would like to undergo training. Certainly there you may learn how to prepare dishes that are local specialities in many cases unknown not only to foreigners but also to people from other regions of Poland.

Your choice may concern either specific dish or a location of your choice. And then the local masters of culinary will teach you how to make a piece of art that is certainly both tasty and good looking.


In cooperation with hotels , restaurants and food producers associated in Network „Culinary Heritage Opolskie”

Film about the association „Culinary Heritage Opolskie”

we offer various forms of fantastic culinary holidays, excursions and workshops

  1. Culinary  excursions are tasty trips to various places where you may try regional dishes and food products, however they are connected with visiting touristic attractions of the region.

2.Food preparation workshops /Culinary Workshops/ are extremely interesting cooking classes in some of the original restaurants or agro-tourism centres offering courses of cooking regional dishes. In addition, accompanied by a touristic program they are unique attractions for the lovers of the meals prepared by themselves .

3.Holidays are the stays in charming locations. It is an experience of unique local dishes and food products. To clerify – there are workshops, touristic and culinary trips in the program.

There are a lot of places where you may stay in, for example:

  1. Firstly: Luxury accommodation in the lovely located castle

2. Secondly: Comfort accommodation in the nice palace

3. Thirdly: Budget accommodation in the old mill

Moreover, those places may also arrange for degustation or workshops.

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